Father Daly was off the mark on commodities traders

Re “The Common Good” by Father Peter J. Daly (CR, March 12), I have lived my life with the attitude of looking out for the next guy and believe most people do the same. Saying that, I have to agree with CNBC commentator Rick Santelli and the so-called risk-taking commodities traders.

Most people who are facing foreclosure got greedy and simply bought more house than they could afford. They got caught up by the creative financing and free lending that was going on for the last few years. Father Daly portrays Mr. Santelli and the commodities traders as a bunch of gamblers. In fact, these people are like any other group of Americans, hard workers who struggled to get a very good education. They take care of their families and look out for their neighbors.

Father Daly has confused rugged individualism with simply not accepting basic responsibility. America was built on risk-taking, hard work and looking out for the next guy. I care for my community just as much as Father Daly, but there are limits.

Catholic Review

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