Distinction between conquerors and modern defense

I was appalled by the opinion piece by Tony Magliano (CR, July2). His comparison of American military to the empire armies of antiquity was totally inaccurate. Thousands of men and women in the armed forces of the United States are not conquering new territories for an American empire, but defending the ideals of freedom and liberty throughout the world. They are living in 140-degree heat, working on board ships, living under the sea in submarines and flying in the air to help preserve freedom and liberty.

Does Magliano include the military chaplains who have faithfully served our country for over 200 years, men like Father Vincent Capodanno or Father Timothy Vakoc, who recently list his life from the mortal wounds he received in Iraq five years ago?

We may disagree with the foreign policies of the U.S. but to compare today’s American military to the conquering armies of empires of long ago is unfair and highly distortive of the truth.

Catholic Review

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