Discovering Christ at Crucifixion

The gathering space at Church of the Crucifixion, Glen Burnie, was packed with people of all ages April 17 as they sat down to a large meal and waited anxiously for the first Discovering Christ session to begin.

Discovering Christ is a six-week series, stretching through May 22, which explores the foundations of the Catholic faith and is designed to help men and women encounter Christ, said Father Erik Arnold, pastor. The program was designed by ChristLife, a lay Catholic apostolate of evangelization in Baltimore.

Some 90 people, including 16 young adults, listened intently as Father Arnold spoke about what life is all about and what gives meaning and purpose to life.

“This program will allow you to step back and look at the bigger picture,” said Father Arnold. “Our life really does have a purpose and a deeper meaning.”

He explained that many people think the key to happiness is money, work and other things of this world, but the true path to happiness lies in a relationship with Christ. Father Arnold said the good news is the foundation of the program, which will help people understand how they fit into God’s plan.

“What you are looking for in life can be found, and it can be found in Jesus,” Father Arnold said to the group with compassion in his voice. “We want to walk with you in these upcoming weeks.”

Other topics in the Discovering Christ session include God’s love for people, the Holy Spirit and why do I need a savior. After hearing from the main speaker, participants break down into smaller discussion groups.

Paul Harris, a 25-year-old Lutheran, said he plans to continue this program to discover a deeper meaning of Christ and his role in his life. Mr. Harris’ goal is to get back to where he was six years ago – when he was going to church twice a week. He has considered converting to Catholicism as well.

“I hope to get a deeper understanding of who Christ is and get rid of all of these doubts,” said Mr. Harris.

The director of ChristLife, Dave Nodar, said these sessions will equip Catholics with the knowledge and resources they need to evangelize. The course is open to all members of the archdiocese and those who are not Catholic.

“We just want people to show up, and I am convinced people will come back,” said Mr. Nodar, who was excited to see so many people signing up to discover Christ. “Each week we will build on the things they learned the week before.”

To register for Discovering Christ call Leo or Pete at ChristLife at 410-531-7701 or register online at

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