Priests Accused Of Abuse

List of Accused Priests and Religious Brothers

In September of 2002, the Archdiocese of Baltimore published a list of priests and religious brothers who had served in the Archdiocese of Baltimore and who had been accused, in their lifetime, of child sexual abuse. The 57 men on that disclosure are listed below. As was noted at the time by Cardinal William H. Keeler, Archbishop of Baltimore, the disclosure did not include priests and brothers who were accused after their deaths, nor did it include a few instances where an investigation concluded that the facts did not indicate sexual abuse had occurred. For greater context, the information accompanying the 2002 disclosures can be found by hovering over the names listed below. (FireFox is the recommended browser to use).

Also listed below are those priests of the Archdiocese of Baltimore who, after September 2002, were accused of child sexual abuse during their lifetimes along with information from the public disclosures that were made. All allegations of child sexual abuse are reported to authorities and to the Archdiocese’s Independent Child Abuse Review Board. If such reporting and investigation determined that an allegation was not credible, the alleged perpetrator is not listed here. We also provide names with information from the public disclosures made by the Archdiocese regarding some priests from religious orders or other dioceses who were accused after 2002, although the Archdiocese’s information about such non-Archdiocesan priests is often limited. The information from the public disclosures can be found by hovering over the names listed below. (FireFox is the recommended browser to use).

Priests of the Archdiocese of Baltimore have no parenthetical after their names. Priests and brothers from religious orders or other dioceses have that noted in parentheses after their names. None of the individuals listed here are in ministry in the Archdiocese of Baltimore; some have died and some have been laicized–all have had their faculties to function as a priest in the Archdiocese of Baltimore removed.

Priests and Religious named in the September 2002 Disclosure (listed in alphabetical order):

Avant, James (Capuchin)

LeFevre, Francis

Ball, Bruce E. (Diocese of La Crosse, WI)

Lorento, Anthony (Pallotine)

Banko, John (Diocese of Trenton/Metuchen, NJ)

Loskarin, George

Bauernfeind, Thomas

Mardaga, Ronald

Blackwell, Maurice

Martin, Kenneth (Diocese of Wilmington)

Brett, Laurence (Diocese of Bridgeport)

Maskell, A. Joseph

Brinkmann, Frederick (Redemptorist)

Maurer, Arthur (Josephite)

Bugge, Gerald (Redemptorist)

McGrath, Francis(Diocese of Trenton)

Carney, John

Melville, Raymond (Diocese of Portland, Maine)

Carroll, Douglas (Pallotine)

Michaud, Ronald

Cox, Brian

Mike, John

Deakin, Richard (Capuchin)

Murphy, Timothy (Trinitarian)

Dimitroff, Donald (Christian Brother)

Newman, Robert (Sons of Charity)

Dowdy, James

O’Toole, Henry (Redemptorist)

Duggan, John (Jesuit)

Pecore, Dennis (Salvatorian)

Duke, Frederick

Rochacewcz, Thomas (Redemptorist)

Emala, Walter (Diocese of Memphis)

Rouse, Charles

Farabaugh, Kenneth

Rydzewski, Thomas

Gallagher, Joseph

Simms, William

Gerg, Joseph (Benedictine)

Smith, David

Haight, Mark (Diocese of Albany)

Smith, Thomas

Hammer, John (Diocese of Youngstown and Saginaw)

Spillane, Michael

Helowicz, Marion

Stroup, Edmund

Hopkins, Robert

Sweeney, Francis (Paulist)

Knapp, Paul (Redemptorist)

Toohey, Jerome

Kruse, Joseph

Toulas, James (Redemptorist)

LaMountain, Michael (Diocese of Providence)

Tragesser, Gerald

LaPorta, Ross

Wehrle, William (Jesuit)

Lee, Thomas B. (Archdiocese of Seoul, Korea)

Additional Allegations (listed in alphabetical order):

Barnes, Michael

Bevan, Thomas

Bonacci, Louis (Jesuit)

Coyle, Charles (Jesuit)

Cristancho, Fernando (Diocese of Istmina-Tado, Colombia)

Dean, Alfred (Josephite)

Girard, Steven

Kolodziej, Michael (Franciscan)

Lentz, Robert

Lippold, John

Murray, J. Glen (Jesuit)

Salerno, Michael (Pallotine)

Smith, Richard

Wielebski, John