Celebrating 70 years of marriage: Cherishing the memories

Engagement photo: Roy Dohn and Eleanor Giles before their 1945 wedding

July 16, 1945 is a day for the history books.
The Dohn Family history books, that is….
On that day, exactly seventy years ago, my husband’s parents were married. 
George’s Dad, Roy Dohn, was back home in Buffalo on a short furlough from the United States Army. He was serving his country in World War II as a Tech Sergeant in Europe. His wedding to George’s Mom was simple and happy. And that was perfect, because all they needed was each other.
Today, George’s Mom, Eleanor Giles Dohn, age 96, still lives in the Buffalo area. And she will celebrate all the beautiful memories over the past seven decades. The only difference is that she marks these past 70 years without her beloved. You see, George’s Dad went Home to God in January of 2007, after more than 61 years of living those marriage vows.

George’s Dad passed on to Eternal Life on January 13, 2007 at age 91:

He would have been 100 years old on Flag Day last month.

Marking the milestones:
70 years:
Three children,
Three grandchildren,
Five great-grandchildren,
And so many beautiful memories…

George’s family had formal photographs taken on the occasion of his Mom’s 80th birthday:

Top: George’s brother Bill stands on left with him; Their sister Jane is to the right of their Dad and Mom.

Our anniversary wish:
We know that George’s Dad is smiling down from Heaven on his dear Mom today. Their 61 years of marriage are an inspiration to everyone in the large multi-generational  Dohn Family.
As we cherish the blessings of the family that their love and marriage created, we wish George’s Mom a very happy platinum anniversary. We know that she is reliving many wonderful memories today.
And maybe shedding a tear or two, as are we.
We thank you for all the life lessons you and Dad have taught us:
We promise to never forget them.
Much love today and always!!

Roy and Eleanor Dohn celebrating the holiday season


George’s Mom after her high school days in the Class of 1936 at South Park in Buffalo

Read more about George’s Mom’s high school days in the South Park High School Class of 1936 here:

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