Catholic hospitals should provide care consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church

Catholic hospitals don’t seem to share the Church’s concerns about IVF and other assisted reproductive technologies.  Georgetown University Hospital’s website proudly announces its partnership with “Shady Grove Fertility Reproductive Service Center,” while St. Joseph’s Hospital recently gave its congratulations to its “2012 TOP DOCS!” including the founder of the Fertility Center of Maryland, who received the recognition in the field of “Reproductive Endocrinology/IVF.”  A few years ago, St. Agnes Hospital announced in its publication “Health & Wellness” that it was “partners with Shady Grove Fertility Clinic,” and urged couples having trouble conceiving to make an appointment with Shady Grove’s reproductive endocrinologists, who were “available for regular appointments at St. Agnes Hospital.”  Summer 2008 ed., p. 10.
Advertising partnerships with “America’s largest and most progressive fertility center,” and celebrating the professional achievements of people who specialize in IVF, etc., might suggest to Catholics experiencing the pain of infertility that services offered by centers like Shady Grove are sanctioned by Catholic hospitals and, by extension, the Catholic Church.
I applaud your informative article.  Now, if only Church leaders would employ their power to ensure that Catholic hospitals provide treatment to those suffering from infertility in a compassionate manner consistent with the Church’s teachings.
E. Draper

Copyright (c) March 26, 2013

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