Dust and Dewfall

Rest and the exercise of our souls

When our souls are stretched, even if to their breaking points, carrying our crosses, may we come to Jesus, who repairs, renews, restores and refreshes our souls.
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FOCUSed on Christ in Panama

When we encounter Jesus, whether on a mission trip in another country or in our ordinary, daily lives, we discover that he wants to befriend us.
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Seeing as God sees

Last Sunday,  the “midway point” of Lent, we heard the beautiful, amazing account from the Gospel of John of the “man born blind” (John 9:1-41.) In it we see a beautiful progression of faith, not so much unlike the one of the Samaritan woman who earlier proclaimed Christ to her
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St. Otto, pray for us (and my hyper-spastic Pomeranian puppy)

As some of you may know from the recent article in the Catholic Review about priests and their pet dogs (“Four-Legged and Faithful”), I am now the proud and happy owner of a new puppy. He’s a fluffy black Pomeranian named Otto. He’s about 3 months old now, and standing
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