Biden article brimming with ‘cafeteria Catholicism’

“Catholic may be heartbeat from the presidency” (CR, Aug. 28) was wrong right from the headline, because you can’t be a pro-death supporter and a Catholic at the same time. To label that an oxymoron is an understatement. This article could mislead the uninformed to believe that it is acceptable to vote for Sen. Joseph Biden (D-Del.), because other than this one little problem area with “some in the Church,” he is just OK on other church lobbying efforts, and his selection is “a positive development.” With his views and the even more radical views of his running mate – the infanticide supporter – how can anyone truly following church teaching not have a problem with this? What kind of Catholic would agree to join a ticket like this or vote for one?

This article was brimming with “cafeteria Catholicism,” and rather disgusting to read in what is supposed to be a Catholic publication. To the point, Sen. Biden is pro-abortion and anti-family, so, in reality, there is no “Catholic” who may be a heartbeat from the presidency. Isn’t it shameful that most of the prominent self-proclaimed “Catholic” politicians, like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, (D-Cal.), fall into the same category as Sen. Biden, not truly Catholic at all. We should all be praying for them that their hearts may be converted to the truth of the faith that they claim to profess.

Catholic Review

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