Because you might not have time to read every word I write (tl;dr)

Even my husband acknowledges that he doesn’t have time to read every single post I write.

So when Jenna at Call Her Happy invited bloggers to offer a Cliff Notes version of their lives to offer a way for those who may have missed a post or two (or 10) to catch up, I thought I’d play along. (FYI: tl;dr means too long; didn’t read.)

After all, life is moving quickly. Daniel is already driving.

So, in case you missed it, here are the highlights of our past month or so around here:

1.       Our older son pointed out that I’m not the best mother in the world.

2.       I read a whole book in a weekend, proving that I do, in fact, have time to read even though I often say I’m busy. But this was an extraordinary read.

3.       Our younger son taught me about friendship.

4.       A frightening incident in the neighborhood I grew up in brought back several childhood memories. 

5.       We had a visit from the Blessed Mother (well, the kindergarten teacher’s Mary statue came home with Leo), and I tasted tiramisu made by the man who apparently invented it. 

6.       With no regrets, I conceded the race for the Maternal Virtue of the Month Award.

7.       In my ongoing quest to answer life’s unanswerable questions, I asked the all-important question of whether everyone has the ability to whistle. I learned that many people are not able to whistle–or snap their fingers. 

8.       We are celebrating life in our new home, complete with a real backyard. We moved into this house in October, eliminating my horrendous commute with our children and making it possible for Leo to complete his kindergarten homework…sometimes.

9.       I volunteered at Leo’s Field Day and came home exhausted and feeling like a bit of a failure–but still determined to volunteer again, if they will have me. That remains to be seen.

10.   Thanks to a surprise rainstorm, I spent a few special minutes with Leo at his lunch table at school. 

11.   I cleaned out my purse! And it’s already time to clean it again.

12.   Leo lost a plastic jewel and John lost his wedding ring, and St. Anthony came through for both incidents. Whew. 

13.   Don’t tell anyone, but we played hooky and went to Dutch Wonderland. 

Uh-oh. Even my Cliffs Notes summary seems long. How embarrassing.

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