‘Beautiful faith’ keeps people in the pews

It was with special interest and a rush of thoughts coming to mind that I read Father Eugene Hemrick’s article, “Reflecting on empty pews and missing churchgoers,” (CR, Jan. 17).

His reflection clearly addresses, “Why do Catholics stop attending Mass?”

Obviously this has to be a matter of concern faced with living in a secular culture today for those who desire to live our faith more completely as a faithful Catholic.

The heart of this reflection reminds me of attending Mass recently. A couple next to my wife and me when we extended our hands with “Peace be with you” looked at us with a most radiant smile. As Mass ended and we were leaving our pew I mentioned to the wife what beautiful smiles she and her husband had.

The wife smiled again and replied, “Oh, why not? We share such a beautiful faith and have our Mass.”

I felt like responding, “Amen. What a homily.”

Catholic Review

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