As prayers continue, Teresa is featured on the Today Show

Teresa had surgery today, and her sister-in-law offered an update on behalf of the family this evening on the Bartlinskis’ blog. Teresa and her family need our prayers as much as ever.
Meanwhile, the Today Show did a beautiful and touching piece on Teresa this morning. She had been featured on the Today Show on Christmas Eve, and this was a follow-up piece. Once again Teresa made me laugh and cry.

Photo courtesy of Ann Bartlinski/OurPlaceCalledHome.Blogspot.Com

As I watched the segment today, I couldn’t help wondering how many hearts had been moved by the story of this little girl who was born in China and adopted into a family in Catonsville, Md.
It has been amazing to watch the outpouring of support grow on Facebook where a group I joined in its infancy has grown by more than 3,100 members in the past week. They are passionate members who pray and invite others to join them. They also plan fundraisers for the family, such as this one which will be held at Peace a Pizza in Catonsville on Wednesday.
I wonder how many more added their voices in prayer when they saw the Today Show.
I also wonder how many people were moved by what Matt Lauer said at the end: “The world needs more families like the Bartlinskis who open up their hearts and homes to children from all over the world.” I can’t tell you anything else Matt Lauer has ever said, but that line will stay with me.
I have a nephew who was born on Christmas Day, just as Teresa was, so we always acknowledge—and sometimes actually celebrate—his half-birthday on June 25. The theory is that a child with a Christmas birthday doesn’t get celebrated fully on Christmas, though Teresa strikes me as a child who can never be overlooked. She is so full of life and love and determination.
Tomorrow, as I continue to pray for Teresa, I will be praying that by the time her Christmas birthday comes around  these days of anxiety and uncertainty are well behind her. And I pray that she and her family will continue to find the strength, courage, and faith to take this journey together.
They will not be alone.

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