Archbishop Lori: “There is definite push back against religious liberty”


During an appearance on EWTN’s The World Over, the Archdiocese of Baltimore’s incoming Archbishop William E. Lori addressed the continuing religious liberty fight.

The World Over’s host, Raymond Arroyo, asked the archbishop, who will be installed in Baltimore May 16, if the bishops hope the fight will have some impact in the upcoming November elections 

“Yes and that doesn’t mean we’re entering into the partisan fray,” Archbishop Lori said. “What we would like is for everybody who is seeking the approval of the American people to hold office to respect religious liberty. This is about who we are as Americans.”

Arroyo mentioned a media narrative of “a war on women,” which includes the bishops’ stance on contraception.

“Is this really,” Arroyo said, “in your estimation, the administration’s war on faith?” 

“There is a definite push back against religious liberty,” the archbishop said. “It’s strong, it’s powerful, it’s well-orchestrated,” Archbishop Lori said. “The push back, however, is not because they have a sudden interest in the theology of the church,  but rather to advance, I think, a radical agenda.”


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