November 26, 2019

West Virginia bishop asks predecessor to repay $792,000 to diocese

Bishop Mark E. Brennan of Wheeling-Charleston, West Virginia, has asked the former bishop of the diocese to pay back more than $792,000 to cover the "inappropriate expenditure of diocesan funds to support a luxurious lifestyle."
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On holy ground: Pope honors martyrs, missioners, bombing victims in Asia

At the end of his trip to Thailand and Japan, Pope Francis said he found truth in the saying, "Lux ex oriente, ex occidente luxus," or, as he roughly translated it, "the light comes from the East, and luxury, consumerism from the West."
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Financial scandal shows Vatican reforms are working, pope tells media

Questions about Vatican finances, especially those involving a real estate deal in London, are serious, but they also are a sign that reforms begun by Pope Benedict XVI are working, Pope Francis said.
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Turkey Bowl at 100: Enduring lessons from coach Brune

Under the auspices of the Jesuits, Brune taught several generations of young men the value of doing the right thing, doggedness, loyalty, patience and dozens of other seemingly passé traits.
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