May 20, 2019

Meaning of ‘153 fish’/ Confirmation for developmentally disabled

Father Doyle fields questions on confirmation for people with developmental disabilities and the significance of the number of fish caught by the apostles after they were commanded to cast their nets into the deep.
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No more Sunday games for Detroit Catholic parish, school sports teams

As part of a new pastoral note encouraging Catholics in the Archdiocese of Detroit to keep Sunday as a day of holiness, rest and family togetherness, Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron introduced a new policy requiring Catholic parishes and schools to stop scheduling athletic games and practices on Sundays.
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Two young men shot dead outside Mass in Mexico

wo young men arriving for a Mass to be celebrated before a quinceanera in Mexico's Veracruz state were shot dead as they entered the parish parking lot. It was the latest atrocity in a steady string of mass slayings, which have highlighted a surge in the country's already shockingly high homicide rate.
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Throwing away food is like throwing away people, pope says

Pope Francis condemned food waste, saying throwing away food is like throwing away people.
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Limiting Muslim immigration is patriotic, U.S. cardinal says

Limiting the number of Muslims allowed to immigrate to traditionally Christian nations would be a prudent decision on the part of politicians, said U.S. Cardinal Raymond L. Burke.
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