January 16, 2018

Shopping with kids: When you have your own purse-onal shopper

I've reached a whole new place in parenting. Today if I get to choose, I do not want to shop alone. I want to bring a child along.
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The surprising message of ‘Downsizing’

It is precisely religious faith that will awaken courage and compassion, and it is precisely the lack of faith that conduces, by a short road, to spiritual and psychological exhaustion—both in the individual and in a culture.
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Survey: Women say Eucharist, helping poor is what it means to be Catholic

American Catholic women are increasingly disengaged from the church although they remain affiliated and say helping the poor and receiving the Eucharist are the most important aspects of what it means to be Catholic.
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Mrs. Rosanna Rensberger

(St. John Regional Catholic School) Commitment and Dedication Foster Love of Learning Mrs. Rosanna Rensberger, from St. John Regional Catholic School (SJRCS) in Frederick, wears a variety of hats, and puts her heart and soul into everything she does.  Mrs. Rensberger is the QUEST teacher at SJRCS, which is a program that recognizes the gifts...
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Cardinal O’Brien March for Life

The Catholic Review A year ago I was named by the Holy Father a member of the Congregation for Catholic Education (and Seminaries), surely an honor and a privilege. The next full session of that Congregation will be held at the Vatican this month, January 20, 21, and 22. As a result, I regrettably will...
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Mass celebrates the beauty of life, remembers those lost

More than 1.5 million hands have held the pro-life brochures created by Linda Brenegan, former director of the Respect Life Office of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.
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Pope asks forgiveness from victims of clergy sex abuse in Chile

Pope Francis, in his first formal speech in Chile, asked forgiveness from those who were sexually abused by priests.
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