October 8, 2016

27th Week Year II; Maryland Catholic Women’s Conference; Mt. St. Mary’s University

I. Introduction: Sailing Between Scylla and Charybdis A. Sometimes we feel like we’re between a rock and a hard place. We might find ourselves caught between competing expectations, such as the demands of family life and the demands of the workplace. At other times, we might find ourselves “in the middle” as two old and...
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Tuitio Fidei Award; Cuban Association, Order of Malta

A. I am very grateful and humbled to receive the Tuitio Fidei Award for my work with the Bishops of the United States in fostering religious freedom. I am especially honored to receive this award from you, the Cuban Association of the Order of Malta. You and your families know firsthand what it means to...
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Tipping Point

Within a span of just a few minutes Wednesday evening, I read George Matysek’s excellent article in the Catholic Review (“When the choice is Clinton or Trump, what’s a Catholic to do?”) and I looked at the stack of mail my husband had dropped on the kitchen table.It contained my
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