August 31, 2016

Jesus’ mercy extends to even the greatest of sinners, pope says

Jesus' loving gaze of tenderness and mercy extends to all who seek forgiveness no matter how great or small their sins, Pope Francis said.
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Inspired by Mother Teresa

Almost 10 years ago now, I had the chance as a young priest to go on a two-week summer pilgrimage to Kolkata, India with Father Jack Lombardi (the former chaplain of the National Shrine Grotto of Lourdes in Emmitsburg) and a group of hearty, faithful young people. It was a
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Apologists, catechists and theologians: Wake Up!

For the past 50 years or so, Christian thinkers have largely abandoned the art of apologetics and have failed (here I offer a j'accuse to many in the Catholic universities) to resource the riches of the Catholic intellectual tradition in order to hold off critics of the faith
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Getting the most for your money at the Maryland State Fair

Some years we go to the fair and are shocked to see how quickly we go through our cash. This year we (at least the parents) had just been saturated with rides and games at the beach. Did we really need to do that all over again so soon?So during
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