January 12, 2016

Bigger fight against assisted suicide in Maryland expected in 2016

It never emerged from committee for a vote last year, but the push to legalize doctor-assisted suicide in Maryland is back.
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Interfaith rally at St. Ignatius demands paid sick leave for this year

Representatives of several faiths gathered at St. Ignatius in Baltimore to push for the passage of paid sick leave this year.
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Exorcist films should teach how God always conquers evil, exorcist says

Movies depicting exorcisms could be a medium for showing how God always triumphs over evil, but instead, they misrepresent the faith.
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If you like “Joy,” you’ll love “Peachy”

On Sunday night, Jennifer Lawrence earned a Golden Globe for playing the title character in “Joy,” a film loosely based on the true story of inventor and single mom Joy Mangano. Despite Lawrence’s big win, the movie has received mixed reviews. I, for one, was a fan because I’m inspired
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