November 20, 2015

Mexican priest found dead with possible signs of torture

A Mexican priest has been found dead in the state of Puebla with possible signs of torture, four days after disappearing in mysterious circumstances.
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Faith leaders say refugees from Syria, elsewhere require compassion, acceptance

A Boston cardinal and the Maryland Catholic Conference were among hundreds of faith leaders who called for compassion for refugees.
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One Baltimore: A 125th anniversary celebration of unity

That the Mission Helpers celebrated 125 years by a benefit, not for themselves but for two organizations that are dedicated to the musical growth of Baltimore children, makes a strong statement about their belief that “One Baltimore” can become a reality, and illustrates their readiness to foster that unity.
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Week In My Life 2015: Friday

This week I'm joining Kathryn at Team Whitaker to blog every day for Week In My Life!I’m not getting up this morning. I’m just not. So Leo and I lie in bed and talk.“I know what Baba is going to say when he comes out of the shower,” I say.“What?”“He’s
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