August 22, 2015

Patronal Feast of the Missionaries of Charity

Introduction To tell you the truth, I always feel a little uneasy when I celebrate the patronal feast of the Missionaries of Charity. It’s not that I’m uneasy with the Missionaries of Charity – I practically grew up with you! Nor is it the case that I’m uneasy with the Blessed Virgin Mary. I can’t...
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Cuban church officials say they need Pope Francis, ‘missionary of mercy’

Ever since Pope Francis’ visit to Cuba was announced, Cuban church officials have billed him as the “missionary of mercy.”
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Korean siblings learn from, educate their high school peers here

Many things struck Cathy Kwon about her new life in the U.S. – and questioned whether or not she would be able to fit in.
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One court OKs stay for Little Sisters; another says no to religious agencies

Two federal appeals courts acted Aug. 21 in cases related to the contraceptive mandate for employee health insurance.
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