June 1, 2015

Holy Angels students plant hope

Does anything speak of hope better than an 11-year-old from an infamous ZIP code making plans for the fall harvest?
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Key figure in families meeting investigated for alleged misuse of funds

The lead Vatican organizer of September’s World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia is under investigation by Italian prosecutors for alleged embezzlement.
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Deacon Rubeling takes final step to priesthood

Archbishop William E. Lori ordained Michael Rubeling to the transitional diaconate May 30.
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If the preschool fits: Part 1

Introduction to our search for the right preschool:In searching for a school for our son Frank, who has developmental delays, we found it difficult to find a warm and safe place where he can play and learn.  This is the first in a four-part series on our preschool
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Bishop Malooly saddened by death of Beau Biden, oldest son of vice president

Wilmington Bishop W. Francis Malooly is "saddened" to hear of the May 30 death of Beau Biden, vice president's son.
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Waiting for our Monarch butterflies to emerge

A couple weeks ago we sent away for five caterpillars. When they arrived, they were tiny, moving around inside their plastic cup and not doing much else.They grew...and grew.Then on Friday the first two climbed to the lid of the cup and became chrysalides.As I understand it, and biology is
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