April 14, 2015

Song, dance, speech: St. Matthew prays for victims of massacre in Kenya

“They more they attack, the more we pray and pray and pray,” said parishioner and Mercy High School student Malaika Wanjihia.
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Mutscheller, steady Baltimore Colt, was a ‘Catholic gentleman’

Former Baltimore Colts player Jim Mutscheller died April 10 of kidney failure.
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Nonpublic schools come up short as 2015 legislative session closes

Although they came close to passing a long-sought state program benefitting students in Maryland’s nonpublic schools, supporters of the proposal were thwarted in the waning hours of the 2015 legislative session.
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The Blessed Mother is in the window: Praying for fine weather for my daughter’s wedding day

My youngest daughter is getting married in eleven days: How time flies. It seems like she was just a little girl running around the playground at St. Margaret School... But no... In what seems like a blink of an eye, she is now all grown up with a career as a
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