July 1, 2014

The joys of public transportation

OK, so I know that living here in Baltimore, the words “joy” and “public transportation” aren't usually found in the same sentence or even the same breath. As a frequent user of the MTA, I have often found the opposite attitude on a daily basis. The reasons are obvious: lack
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Proud to be an American

This Independence Day, five people from around the Archdiocese of Baltimore share what makes them most proud to be an American.
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Travel blog: Reflections on the religions of Scandinavia and Russia

Guest blogger and dear friend, Susan Fisher, the retired John Carroll English Department Chairperson, enjoyed a wonderful Baltic cruise with her husband Dean four weeks ago. Today she shares her reflections on religion in Scandinavia and Russia.-------I had a lot to learn on our spring cruise to the Baltic.  While we
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I want my mummy…er, maybe not: overcoming childhood fears in an art museum

Ever since Leo and I went to the Walters Art Museum a few weeks ago, Daniel has been asking to see "the mummies and the armor." So on Saturday morning he and I set out on a special mama-son adventure.“Guess who’s the strongest!” he said as we drove. Before I
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