June 13, 2014

Superstitions, school’s out, the stuffed friend we didn’t win, juice boxes in Ireland, and Father’s Day (7 Quick Takes Friday)

—1—It’s Friday the 13th! Are you superstitious? I’m not. Not at all. But don't open that umbrella in the house! I grew up in a household where we were taught not to:-          Put shoes on the table, even if they were unworn and still in the
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Soccer’s World Cup and the Handshake for Peace

“This partnership will join two of the world strongest brands... This handshake for peace in football is a great initiative, but it should actually be an example not only in football but throughout our entire society.” --Joseph S. Blatter, FIFA President at the 2012 FIFA Congress in BudapestIn a troubling
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Catholic agencies part of Baltimore Head Start expansion

Catholic Charities and St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore are among Baltimore agencies expanding Head Start programs as part of a citywide initiative.
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