October 25, 2013

Pilgrims bring home memories of Ireland

Travelers took in plenty of scenery during an Oct. 7-16 pilgrimage to Ireland led by Father T. Austin Murphy.
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It’s that sickly time of year

About a month ago I got my yearly flu shot. Never missed one since getting to the Naval Academy in 1997. That is, until 2004. Silly me didn’t know I could get my shot for free at the VA hospital as I was still new to the process. But I
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7 Quick Takes Friday (or why I own a large stuffed Sprite can)

— 1 —When I made the commitment to blog about my life every day this week, I hadn’t thought as far ahead as Friday. One of my favorite parts of the week is writing my 7 quick takes—when I write about 7 random things and link up to other Catholic
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Week in My Life: Friday

This week I'm trying to blog every day as part of the Week in My Life series.Going to bed on Thursday night, I’m fairly sure we’re in for a sleepless night with Daniel—and I’m also thinking I’ll be spending a sick day at home with him.But although I hear him
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