September 29, 2013

Red Mass – Diocese of Allentown

I. Introduction Two weeks ago, I was lining up with all the other bishops to enter St. Theresa Church in Trumbull, Connecticut, for the installation of my successor as Bishop of Bridgeport when I received an urgent email. It was from my communications director in Baltimore. He said the Pope had given an interview to...
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Media’s “Popebombing” Confusing Fact and Fiction

Shocking. Uplifting. Surprising. Controversial. Confusing. Inspiring. These are all adjectives that can be used – even simultaneously – to explain comments made by Pope Francis in recent interviews, homilies and even off-the-cuff comments. From homosexuality to evangelism, our Pope has definitely brought attention to the Catholic faith in the secular media
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Pay no attention to that giggling boy behind the curtains

For some reason I had never shopped for curtains with a preschooler before, but our little guy hadn’t had any special Mama-and-me time in a while. And, he and I were clearly in the way of the actual moving work. So I invited my mother to join us, and off
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