December 13, 2012

Catholic Review Column: What the Lord Wants for Christmas

As you read this column, you are probably in the throes of Christmas shopping. No doubt you’ve made your list and checked it twice – all in an effort to find appropriate gifts for spouses, children, friends, and colleagues. After all, gift-giving, especially at Christmas, is more than a superficial social obligation. Our gifts should...
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Bishops announce Christmas and New Year Mass Schedule

Bishops serving the Archdiocese of Baltimore have announced their Mass schedules for Christmas and New Year’s.
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Top five photos from the 2012 fall sports season

 Looking back on the fall sports season I can say I’m pleased with the photos I walked away with. My goal for the season was to get photos that told the story of the game, on and off the field. For some games I ended up with more behind the
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What Would Jesus Tweet (WWJT)?

So, this week, given the historic nature of the first Pope to ever tweet, the thought hit me like a ton of bricks… What Would Jesus Tweet? Pope Benedict XVI sent out his first personal tweet to more than 1 million followers on Twitter yesterday. It read:  “Dear friends, I am pleased
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Mercy hospital and local choir spread good cheer and health

Strains of “The First Noel” floated through the hallways of Mercy Medical Center’s critical care floor Dec. 8.
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