November 19, 2012

Black Thursday and the death of Thanksgiving

Do you remember gathering around the dining room table for Thanksgiving dinner? Sadly, the next generation will not. In the coming years, Thanksgiving will slowly, but surely, be gobbled up by Black Friday, turning the day designated for giving thanks to God into a shopping bonanza.Over the past few years,
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A Time to Recharge Batteries and Truly Give Thanks

I don’t know about you, but I really NEED Thanksgiving this year.No, I don’t mean the commercial Thanksgiving weekend, replete with desperate, delusional Black Friday shoppers who begin plotting their Christmas shopping strategy on Thanksgiving. You know, those folks that battle tooth and nail, give up precious hours of sleep
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The birds and the bees and things that fly

  Leo doesn’t miss much. So when I asked my mother what time Aunt Treasa and Uncle George were flying home from their honeymoon, I expected our 5-year-old’s ears to perk up. What surprised me was his question. “Mama,” he said. “Will they have children?” For a moment I thought Leo had joined the
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