September 20, 2012

Catholic Review Column: Election Day

On Election Day, November 6, citizens of Maryland will have the enormous responsibility of deciding the fate of a law that seeks to change the legal definition of marriage in our state. In short, Maryland voters will decide whether marriage as it has been known for centuries will remain as God intended, as a union...
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Archdiocese Hosts First Stem Workshop for Elementary School Leadership; International Researcher to Present on the 21st Century Learner

The Archdiocese of Baltimore Department of Catholic Schools is hosting the first Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Leadership workshop for principals and senior teaching staff on Friday, September 21 starting at 8:30 AM. Ian Jukes, an international research consultant will present on “Understanding the Digital Generation and 21st Century Fluency”. The workshop will take...
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Marylanders face critical decision on marriage

Baltimore's archbishop talks about the need to view the same-sex marriage issue in a " rational, dispassionate yet loving manner."
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Tolerance a two-way street

Filmmakers rarely pay the price for the violence they incite with their movies.
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Pounding the pavement

My husband and I religiously attended Back On My Feet (BOMF) until March, a month before we got married. The final weeks of wedding planning were all-consuming. Then we went on our honeymoon. In May we started settling into married life and BOMF fell to the wayside.   Last month we
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Training helps intercultural understanding

Last week, one Korean community and one Chamorro/Guamanian community in the United States were told to cancel Masses in parishes where they have been worshiping. Also, a small group of 20-something Hispanic immigrants were denied a space for weekly prayer and faith formation on their parish grounds. This is hard to believe.
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