August 10, 2012

Getting children into the car: the next Olympic sport

  Most days I wouldn’t even get a bronze. In fact, maybe I wouldn’t even make it through the Olympic Trials. But there are days when I feel I should get at least a nod for successfully getting our boys to the car. The morning trip to the car could be one
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Expecting what? How we talk about unborn babies and why it matters

  After seeing my wife going through nine months of pregnancy, I am glad it is something I never have to experience. She started off nauseous and ended up uncomfortable, with a lot of other inconveniences in between. One cool experience, however, was that she was treated like a mini-celebrity at
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Mirando al pasado con gratitúd: Looking back with gratitude

In June I accepted a new “mission assignment,” for which I have left my ministry position as Coordinator of Hispanic Pastoral and Catechetical Formation for the Archdiocese of Baltimore. This is a short reflection as I look back at my four years in the Premier See.
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