July 20, 2012

Mount St. Mary’s grad coaches Olympic decathlon favorite

A graduate of Mount St. Mary’s University in Emmitsburg will have a say in deciding “the world’s greatest athlete.”
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The momentum of momhood

  People have always been obsessed with preserving memories, moments, feelings. It’s why cave paintings once acted as mounted eight point bucks for our ancestors. It’s why the Bible exists as our guide. It’s why my mom is our family paparazzi. She’s behind her camera, snapping away at every moment, no
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Children start with a mother and a father

I know that it was a long time ago but it seems that many people, particularly politicians, have forgotten – or have chosen to forget – that this country was founded based on freedom of religion not freedom from religion.
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Cardinal Stafford: God never disappoints

There are now two members of the College of Cardinals with links to Baltimore in the Eternal City.
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