May 7, 2012

Local Catholics steer to Naval Academy

Across the archdiocese, prospective plebes and graduates attribute their preparation for and success at the Naval Academy to the foundation they received at Catholic schools.
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This Cinco de Mayo, celebrate simple, authentic truths

Since 1862’s Battle of Puebla, Mexicans have celebrated their victory every Cinco de Mayo with simply delicious tacos, tortillas and tequilas.
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Just call me Mama

Shortly after we started our paperwork to adopt Leo, I began a journal to chronicle the experience. Early on, I found myself signing each entry “Love, Mommy.” I just assumed that I would be “Mommy” and John would be “Daddy.”About 18 months later we were standing in a stark government
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Prom season is here

View a slideshow of Calvert Hall College High School's prom photos.
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Who’s the other Vietnam veteran with Cardinal O’Brien?

Before taking this job four years ago, I first had to pass inspection with the publisher, Cardinal Edwin F. O’Brien. When he inquired about my background, I explained my understanding of chain of command with the aside that when he was jumping out of helicopters in Vietnam as a U.S.
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Celebrating the month of Mary

In a tradition that has spanned decades, many parishes in the Archdiocese of Baltimore celebrated the crowning of the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
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