April 6, 2012

Movie Review: Are you ready to go back to ‘Titanic?’

Making a spectacle of the 20th century's greatest sea disaster is the blockbuster, "Titanic," now rereleased in 3-D.
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Slideshow: Cross surfing shows teen faith is strong

 Anyone who's been on lately knows that Tom McCarthy Jr. has been turning out some outstanding slideshows and today's, while brief, is no different. In this exclusive slideshow to The Welcome Matt, we look back at last week's Youth and Young Adult Pilgrimage, as young people pass a large
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Following the Cross

 Daniel wasn’t sure he wanted to leave the house this morning, especially since his father and big brother were home. But when he heard that Mama was going “downtown,” I couldn’t get his shoes on fast enough. Daniel loves all the vehicles and the energy of the city.It was our
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Cardinal leads Good Friday procession

Catholic Review blogger Rita Buettner shares her first experience with the Good Friday Way of the Cross procession from the Shrine of St. Alphonsus in Baltimore to Planned Parenthood on Howard Street.
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