April 4, 2012

With Assembly’s end near, MCC hopes education tax credit may still get vote

With only days left before the Maryland General Assembly’s 2012 session ends at midnight April 9, the Maryland Catholic Conference is hoping some legislation can still keep momentum, including the education tax credit bill that motivated a 400-student rally at the State House March 27.
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Aftereffects of bullying can last a lifetime

Bullying is again in the news with the March 30 opening of “Bully." Jimmy Patterson, editor and director of communications for the newspaper of the Diocese of San Angelo, Texas, shares his own poignant story of being bullied.
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All that and a bag of chips

I had promised Leo a treat after his appointment this morning, and he settled on a bag of barbecue chips. He reached up on his tiptoes to put it on the counter, and the salesclerk started ringing it up. She glanced down at Leo, looked away, looked back. Then she leaned toward me. “Is
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