June 22, 2011

Magliano quotes take liberties

Tony Magliano’s latest column, “Blessed Pope John XXIII’s encyclical turns 50” (CR, June 9) passed off a personal, partisan attack (using words such as heartless, unjust, tea party, neoconservatives) as Catholic doctrine. See Matthew 25:1-13 on the five foolish virgins and prudence.
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Ukrainian rector says state security services watching him

OXFORD, England – The U.S.-born rector of Ukraine’s Catholic university said his country is “living in dark times” and accused state security services of placing him under surveillance.
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Media musings

A bridge stands near PNC Park in Pittsburgh. (CR/George P. Matysek Jr.) I’m in Pittsburgh this week for the annual Catholic Media Convention.  Stay tuned for some musings!
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Planning puts Mountain Maryland on solid footing

In this week’s Catholic Review, you will read about a new parish forming in Western Maryland. Archbishop Edwin F. O’Brien has approved a proposal to unite the five Cumberland-area parishes into a single faith community with one pastoral staff to be known as “Our Lady of the Mountains.” The affected parishes are Ss. Peter and...
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