December 1, 2010

Pontiff considers solar-powered popemobile

Pope Benedict XVI arrives in the popemobile for Mass in Nationals Park April 17, 2008 in Washington. (Owen Sweeney III, Catholic Review) Could Pope Benedict XVI soon be tooling around in a solar-powered popemobile?  A snip from the AP: Anyone have a fast, solar-powered electric popemobile for his holiness?The Vatican says Pope Benedict XVI would gladly...
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Baltimore peace activist has no regrets

Susan Crane is no stranger to prisons. The longtime anti-nuclear peace activist, a resident of the Jonah House community in West Baltimore, has already served five years for various peace actions – including a 1999 protest at the Warfield Air National Guard base in Middle River, where she and three others hammered and poured blood...
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Jesus works in mysterious places

Jesus has been serving us quality for 2,000 years.  Now, he’s seemingly thriving in the home of the Old Fashioned burger.  Can you imagine how intimidating that is for people who have been putting off confession? You pull up to the drive-thru and there’s Jesus asking what you want. I get the feeling there might...
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