October 15, 2010

Students Win $7,000 Toward Tuition in Archdiocese’s First Tuition Raffle

Two pastors of city parishes and a parishioner of Baltimore’s Cathedral of Mary Our Queen purchased the winning tickets in the Archdiocese’s first “tuition raffle.” All three have chosen to donate their “winnings” to students attending at St. Thomas Aquinas School in Hampden and Archbishop Borders Elementary School in Highlandtown. The students will receive tuition...
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Pope calls for major international reforms to deal with world hunger

VATICAN CITY – Pope Benedict XVI said persistent world hunger calls for international reforms that focus on long-term solutions as well as short-term emergency food aid.
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Federal officials investigate cybercrime that hits Wisconsin parish

MILWAUKEE – Federal law enforcement officials were continuing to investigate how criminals were able to steal $121,000 electronically from a parish in the Milwaukee Archdiocese.
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Rabbi tells synod that Christians in Israel enjoy freedom, equality

VATICAN CITY – At a synod where the Israel-Palestinian conflict repeatedly was singled out as a source of problems for Christians throughout the Middle East, a rabbi from Israel told Catholic bishops that Israel is not solely responsible and that the attitude of some Catholics violates the church’s own teaching about Jews and Judaism.
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Praying at the Western Wall

The Western Wall is the only fragment of the Great Temple to survive destruction by the Romans, and is the most sacred structure to the Jewish people. According to a brochure distributed at the Western Wall Plaza by the Western Wall Heritage Foundation, the wall “is a focus of Jewish longing and prayer for redemption...
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