July 13, 2010

Thank those who stay

Parade magazine (June 27) included an article about closing churches in Cleveland. It prompted me to inquire whether indulgences or points will be awarded to those Catholics who follow Christ’s teaching to “Love thy neighbor as thyself” and remain in their neighborhood parish churches? Obviously, the exodus is due in large measure by the influx...
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Vatican II helped greatly

George Weigel (CR, July 1) wants us to believe that he has all the answers and is qualified to make statements that mistakes of Vatican II have contributed to a “crisis of fidelity that was at the root of clerical sexual abuse and episcopal misgovernance.” I think that Vatican II was awesome in what it...
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Heed pope’s words on healing

The recent columns by Kenneth L. Woodward (CR, May 27 and June 10) complaining about the coverage of the sex abuse scandals by the New York Times is illustrative of the continuing attitude to blame others for this scandal. Who cares about the New York Times? I don’t read it. Who cares what Kenneth Woodward...
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