October 27, 2009

Accident floods St. Paul, Ellicott City

Not long after a wedding concluded Oct. 24 at St. Paul in Ellicott City, the water sprinkler system went off in the back of the church – drenching half the building and causing parish leaders to cancel all the weekend Masses. There was no fire and it is unclear what activated the sprinkler system.
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Weigel adds to banging of war drum on Iraq

George Weigel (CR, Oct. 22) takes the Nobel Committee to task for its prize for peace to Barack Obama by attributing to it the belief that “conflict is born of misunderstanding rather than a clash of interests; thus diplomacy is a therapeutic exercise in which soothing words make for peace.” He couples that with the...
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Photo caption takes liberty

To needlessly insert (CR, Oct. 15) the words “both Catholic” when referring to Governor Martin O’Malley and U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, both well known advocates of abortion, is to profane the meaning of the word Catholic.
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Fortunate to have been helped by women religious

I too am seriously concerned by the mandate of the Holy See to investigate women religious in America. This has no relationship to the priest’s Apostolic Visitation of 2005. My understanding is the priests’ Visitation was precipitated by the serious concerns around the sexual abuse scandal and the diminished numbers in the seminaries.In no way...
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Statement on Council Bill 09-0406, “Limited-Service Pregnancy Centers Disclaimers’

Mr. Chairman and Members of the Committee: I offer this statement in opposition to Council Bill 09-0406, which would fine pregnancy resource centers in Baltimore City $500 a day for failing to post a list of services they do not provide. Let’s be clear first about what these centers do provide, namely, needed and welcome...
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