March 9, 2009

St. John Regional receives chamber award

St. John Regional Catholic School in Frederick was scheduled to receive a Summit Award March 12 from the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce.
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Non-Catholic students must value religious education

Julian Bower’s letter, “Why non-Catholics in Catholic schools” (CR, Feb. 26), raises a legitimate point, if properly understood. Given the extreme financial challenges facing our parochial and other Catholic schools, should we be “subsidizing” the education of non-Catholics who, in many cases, wish to escape underperforming public schools by enrolling in a Catholic school? After...
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No need for pontiff to be politically correct

Many critics of Pope Benedict XVI’s action lifting the excommunication of the four schismatic bishops of the Society of St. Pius X, including Bishop Richard Williamson, were uninformed about the pope’s duties to the Catholic Church. The unity of the universal church is the pope’s innate and paramount responsibility. The revocation of the excommunication to...
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Maryland March for Life 2009

  We gather again, here in our State capital and in the midst of Maryland’s legislative session, to promote the cause of life. As happens annually, our Mass is a Lenten Mass and we are providentially offered the Lenten readings of the day to shed light on our efforts. To begin with, let’s take the...
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