July 2, 2008

WYD chief denies church seeks to expand police powers, limit protests

SYDNEY, Australia – The chief organizer of World Youth Day in Sydney has denied media reports that the church had asked the New South Wales government to expand police powers in order to limit protesters during World Youth Day.
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Franciscan friars, sisters hold peace vigils to promote nonviolence

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – For the past few years the Franciscan friars and sisters in Syracuse have been conducting peace vigils to remind people in the community there is an alternative to violence.
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Jesuit priest reacts to deadly attack in Jerusalem

JERUSALEM – Violent acts focus priests back on the need to pray for peace, a Jesuit priest said following an apparent terrorist attack in Jerusalem.
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Fair minded should welcome beatification of Pope Pius XII

Stirrings in Rome suggest that the movement to beatify Pope Pius XII may be on its way to getting back on track. If so, it’s a development that fair-minded people should welcome.
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