June 18, 2007

Cardinal Keeler Out of Surgery

Cardinal William H. Keeler, Archbishop of Baltimore, is out of surgery after Dr. Ben Carson, a neurosurgeon at the Johns Hopkins Medical Center, inserted a Right Ventricular-Peritoneal Shunt in the Cardinal’s brain to correct a condition diagnosed as Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus-a build up of excess cerebrospinal fluid on the brain. The operation is expected to...
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Kurt Waldheim, former U.N. secretary-general, dies

VATICAN CITY – Kurt Waldheim, former U.N. secretary-general and president of Austria, died June 14 at the age of 88. The longtime diplomat, who died of heart failure in his home in Vienna, Austria, had been a controversial figure for his World War II role as an officer in the German army, and Vatican interaction...
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