May 15, 2007

Tender signs of love displayed years after loved ones die

Coins still rest on Conner Greig’s grave stone engraved with a baby angel at St. Ignatius, Hickory. Toddler Blaine, age 3 at the time of his brother’s death, placed the money there a dozen years ago so Conner would be able to call home. Now age 15, The John Carroll School, Bel Air, 10th-grader continues...
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Rancher claims he never paid for murder of American nun

SAO PAULO, Brazil – A rancher on trial for ordering the February 2005 assassination of U.S. Sister Dorothy Stang claimed he is innocent of paying $25,000, along with another rancher, for her murder. Vitalmiro Bastos de Moura, known in the Amazon region as Bida, said in court May 14 he did not know Sister Dorothy,...
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