Healthy Relationships for Catholic Family Life

All people are called to cultivate the virtue of chastity, which allows us to imitate Christ in doing what is right, good and truly loving in the areas of relationships and sexual morality.

“Assisting parents of adolescents and youth in the formation of their children for chaste living is essential to their formation in the Catholic faith and should be mandatory in Catholic schools and in parish religious education and youth ministry programs” (Catechetical Formation for Chaste Living, USCCB, 2009).

Child Protection Education in the Context of Catholic Family Life

The Archdiocese of Baltimore is committed to providing education for parents and children about preventing, identifying, and reporting child sexual abuse within the context of a holistic catechesis for chaste living. This catechesis is to be offered as an important component of the curriculum of religious instruction and faith formation in the parish or school setting, from kindergarten through high school.

Program Summary – Archdiocesan Policies

Family Life Catechesis in the Archdiocese of Baltimore is a catechesis for Healthy Relationships. The purpose of this catechetical endeavor is to create a knowledgeable school/parish community that welcomes open communication and a holistic discussion around the issues of moral living, marriage and family, healthy sexuality and sexual abuse prevention.

Goals of Catechesis for Family Life

Provide Catholic teaching on morality

Present skills and virtues for Catholic family living

Place human sexuality within the context of Catholic family moral living

Help families address the complex issues of contemporary life

Offer child protection education for children and their parents/guardians

Frequently Asked Questions

For Specific Questions

Curricula and Content: Office of Marriage and Family Life

Safe Environment and the Annual Audit: Office of Child and Youth Protection

Application within Catholic Schools: Division of Catholic Schools

Application within Parishes (k-5): Division of Catechetical and Pastoral Formation

Application within Parishes (6-8): Division of Youth and Young Adult Ministry

Parish Forms

Acknowledgement of Receipt of Materials for Family Life Home Study

Approved Family Life Curricula


Kindergarten- Eighth Grade

RCL Benzinger Family Life

Ninth – Twelfth Grade 

 Created to Love


Kindergarten- Eighth Grade

RCL Benzinger Family Life


Loyola Press and Messages that Protect

(Requires training- Contact the Office of Child and Youth Protection and Correlation)


Sixth – Ninth Grade

 Created to Love

Ninth – Twelfth Grade 

 Created to Love

Teaching Models

Each family life catechesis textbook series includes implementation ideas for any parish or school program. Several models are possible, for example:

Catholic Schools

Three days a week for 7-8 Weeks

Four to Five days a week for 2-4 weeks

One day a week for 10-12 week

Parish Religious Education Program

One chapter per session incorporated into basic catechetical lessons

Additional sessions added to regular religious education schedule

Monthly family life class; basic religion on other weeks

Correlations to Basic Religion Textbook Series, K-8; with RCL-Benziger, Family Life (2010 Edition)

Finding God (RCL)

Faith First (RCL)

Jesus Christ, the Way (Benziger)

We Believe (Sadlier)

Christ Our Life (Loyola)

Blest Are We (Silver)

Come, Follow Me (Benziger)

Be My Disciples (RCL Benziger)

The most up-to-date correlations can be found be contacting the Division of Catechetical and Pastoral Formation.