Yay. More snow.

The first time it snowed this year it was magical.

Even the second time was pretty amazing.

Since then I’ve lost track.

Yesterday—with the help of a kind neighbor with a snow blower—we (meaning John) got to this point.

Only to wake up to this scene this morning.

You might think Leo and Daniel would be tired of the snow by now.


They love playing in the snow.
They want to shovel.

They want to sled.

They desperately wanted to build a fort, so we did.

Even though we had two feet of snow or so in our yard, it wasn’t enough. While I was pulling Leo through the street, he asked me to stop so he could get some snow to take home.

So we did.

Then I took his brother out to do the same thing.

After throwing snowballs and sledding and falling dramatically into the snow and climbing to the top of our snow mountain, they finally came inside.

Now that was a day we’ll never be able to duplicate.

What’s that, you say? Snow again tomorrow?


Well, at least I know two people who will be overjoyed.

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