Woodmont Academy, through a mother’s eyes

As a new parent at Woodmont Academy, I could not be happier with our decision to enroll our child in their Pre-K to 3 program. From the first day of school, my husband and I were both filled with a sense of comfort and peace. We learned and saw firsthand that the teachers put the students’ needs before their own each and every day. They adore the kids and treat each one as an individual, embracing his or her strengths but also his or her weaknesses. They are hands-down the best teachers I have ever seen. They go above and beyond to ensure that each child maximizes his or her own potential, offering love, support, encouragement and, most of all, grace to every child.

The teachers at Woodmont are deeply rooted in their Catholic faith and that is apparent in how they approach and handle daily struggles they may encounter in the classrooms. These are the things that can’t be read in a pamphlet or even seen while walking through a building. But if you could look inside a Woodmont mother’s heart, you’d know they are true. I urge parents who are interested in a superior Catholic education to give Woodmont Academy a call. You’ll be glad you did – I know we are.

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