Why Catholic? to start again

The next session of Why Catholic?, the adult faith formation program based on the church’s catechism and scriptures, will correspond with the season of Lent and for most parishes the small groups will meet starting Feb. 18.

Many parishes have started signing up for the program and people are welcome to join a group even if they missed the fall session, said Sharon Bogusz, Coordinator for Evangelization and Adult Catechesis.

With Why Catholic? starting soon the program leaders and coordinator are asking participates and non-participates to pray “A Disciple’s Prayer” for the people who are going through this six week session.

“Prayer is a cornerstone of Christian life and forms the foundation of every church endeavor,” said Ms. Bogusz. “In preparation for Why Catholic? we pray that the Spirit of God will open our hearts and minds as we seek to know more about our Catholic Faith.”
The prayer was written by Renew International specifically for the Why Catholic? program, said Ms. Bogusz.

“We seek to grow in confidence and courage to share the gospel without restraint and to know how God calls each of us to be his presence,” said Ms. Bogusz. “I hope that they feel enveloped by the care of the entire Catholic Community of Baltimore. They are not alone on this journey of discovery.”

A Disciple’s Prayer

Loving God and Father,
help us to be people of prayer
committed to the person and message of Jesus your Son.

Help us to grasp the integrity and beauty
of the truths of our faith and
the transforming power of your grace.

Nourish and strengthen us as people of faith,
disciples of Jesus, committed to the mission of the Church
and eager to share the gospel without restraint.

Let our hearts burn within us
as we catch glimpses of your heart in Jesus,
for through him, we know your loving plan for us.

we ask this through Jesus the Christ who lives
with you and the Holy Spirit
in one loving Trinity. Amen

Based on Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us by the U.S. Catholic Bishops.

Catholic Review

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