What’s cool for pools this summer?

The kids are bored, it’s hot and the pavement is scorching your feet but you have already been to the beach this summer, how do you stay cool? For many adults and children a pool is the best place to be on a hot and humid Maryland summer day.

“One of the best things about having an above ground pool is it’s not just a two week summer vacation. It lasts all summer long,” said Sue Lapp, advertising agent for ABC pools since 1978. “It keeps kids at home and its good exercise.”

Above ground pools seem to be the most popular choice for many people, Ms. Lapp said. Many homes that have above ground pools surround it with a desk so it looks like a part of the house which Ms. Lapp said makes the backyard look that much more attractive.
She said in-ground pools are a little harder to find today because of all the work that goes into draining it, cleaning it and refilling it. Plus in-ground pools have to be checked for cracks and it’s more likely for a child to fall into an in-ground pool, said Ms. Lapp.
“There is a pool for every size yard,” said Ms. Lapp.

There are some regulations for both the city and the county when it comes to footage of an above or in-ground pool. Someone who is thinking about getting a pool should check the rules and regulations with their county and even their home owners’ association.

Above ground pools still come in the usual styles but the outer wall can come in different colors. These pools are now made with stronger materials, especially the linings so the pools will not leak or break.

When it comes to the shape of a pool, the kidney shape is more popular for in-ground pools were above ground come in round and oval shapes.

“Diving boards are strictly for in-ground pools and sliding boards can be for either,” said Ms. Lapp.

Ms. Lapp recommends jazzing up the grounds about a person’s pool by planting bushes or grass around the perimeter. For those that can’t afford a deck, she recommended placing stones around the pool to make it look more decorative.

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