What was the Review thinking?


What was the intent of placing two letters undermining the case against same-sex Marriage in the last Catholic Review before the election (CR, Nov 1)? The wedding dress and the bride on the front page (CR, Oct. 18) were beautiful. To equate “be fruitful and multiply” with s-same-sex Marriage is to equate a Catholic marriage to intrinsic evil. As Catholics, we do not wear burkas.

The letter equating opposition to same-sex marriage with Jim Crow is another act of sabotage. Martin Luther King was hated for pointing out eternal Christian values his nominally Christian opponents were not following. Does that writer or the editor of the Catholic Review think that the Son of God who condemned divorce and lust in the heart is going to give a free pass to same-sex marriage? Those who would reply “separation of church and state” are spouting the hate of Justice Hugo L. Black, a former Klansman, who was out to get the Catholic Church in many of his decisions. We have a right to the freedom of religion, not acquiescence to the limited freedom of worship.


John Meinhardt


Catholic Review

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