Welcome to the new Welcome Matt

We’re back!

After more than a month of transition, The Welcome Matt blog is finally hosted on CatholicReview.org exclusively.  We’ll be doing many of the same things you enjoyed before: news and views on the ‘young church,’ in the Archdiocese of Baltimore and beyond with video, audio, pictures and the written word. Follow me on Twitter at (@ReviewPalmer) to see my latest Tweets and make sure you “Like” Facebook.com/CatholicReview and follow @CatholicReview to get the latest news on the church at large. What happens to one of us matters to all of us, so we’ll share as much information as possible.

We’ll bring you on-the-scene reports from major events such as the Youth and Young Adult Pilgrimage during Holy Week, BYCC, NCYC and World Youth Day. But, those are the special cases. The ‘Young Church’ happens every day and we’re going to try and bring the issues that matter to you and your friends. Sometimes, you’ll agree with my slant. Other times, I might leave you shaking your head. OK, most times I’ll leave you shaking your head.

I’ve missed this blog. Check out previous posts, which have all been carried over to here.

Bookmark this blog, share it and I’ll make it worth your time. Above all, please comment. Start the conversation, agree with what’s being said or don’t. Just don’t be passive. This is your blog as much as it is mine.


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